Reggae Trilogy: 200+ 80s & 90s Artist Headshots Vol. 1

Reggae Trilogy: 200+ 80s & 90s Artist Headshots Vol. 1

Reggae Trilogy: 200+ 80s & 90s Headshots features 13 chapters of Reggae & Dancehall Artist Headshots. Each chapter begins with an introduction & history lesson by author & Reggae Report pioneer M. Peggy Quattro. Explore the fashion, culture & lifestyle of this dynamic Reggae era!


Publisher M. Peggy Quattro releases the first compilation from the Reggae Report Archives. Reggae Trilogy Vol. 1: 200+ 80s & 90 Artist Headshots, an entertaining, engaging time capsule featuring 13 chapters of Reggae & Dancehall Headshots. Each one begins with a personal & enlightening introduction by the Reggae pioneer. Crucial chapters include the Bands, Legends, Women, Singers, Groups, Dub Poets, Dancehall, Musicians, USA Reggae, International, Industry Pros, The Marleys, and Where Are They Now?.

More than 200 promo Headshots depict the distinctive fashion, culture & lifestyle that catapulted Reggae artists onto the 80s and 90s world stage. As a fan & archivist, Ms. Quattro knew one day these photos would tell their own story. This wealth of photos will be delivered in three volumes of the Reggae Trilogy series! Get yours now!

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98 pages feature 13 chapters, each with a historical, personal & educational introduction, that feature more than 200 80s & 90s Reggae & Dancehall Artist Headshots.

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