Obtaining Rights & Permissions

Interested in Obtaining Rights & Permissions to use Reggae Report Content?

Please submit your request in writing.  Email: reprint@reggaereport.com

Include the following info:
1. Headline of the article and/or caption of the photo or graphic.
2. Date of publication or when it appears on the site.
3. Writer and/or photographer name.
4. Describe in detail how you would like to repurpose or use this content. Let us know if you are working with an impending deadline.
Please allow 3 to 5 business days for a response.  If urgent, give us a call at 305-741-4882.

Types of licenses available
Hard Copy Custom Reprints:
Use to highlight your company and as an addition to your media kit or information package.
Web-Ready PDFs and E-prints:
Then post these custom PDFs provided by us to your web site or blog.
Photos and/or graphics from our staff and contributors to illustrate text or add to your presentations.
Include our articles to highlight your message, include in your blog or newsletter, for a business-branding boost, or as additional editorial.

How do I request reprint permission to use an article, photo or graphic?
All requests for reprint rights or permission must be received by email at admin@reggaereport.com.
Does Reggae Report Reprints send an invoice?
No, we require payment prior to granting permission.
What type of payment does Reggae Report Reprints accept?
Check, money order, or PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.
Which categories will Reggae Report Reprints license material?
We license for education, editorial, and information purposes.
What does “personal use” entail?
Personal use includes a copy of an article/photo/graphic for your personal use. You cannot use it in your professional portfolio, make copies for multiple distribution, or post it to a website.
May I alter the photograph or graphic illustration?
No, photographs and graphics must be used as published and cannot be altered in any way.
How to obtain a back issue or a photo for personal use: 
There is a limited amount of hard copy back issues available. Let us know which issues you would like.

Also, if you would like any photos for personal use, send us your request for either magazine or photo here.

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