Reggae Report Archive – Founding Members

Reggae Report Archive

With great pride and appreciation, we welcome the initial Founding Members of the Reggae Report Archive. Without their support, effort, and belief in the importance of our work, this Archive would not be possible:

American English Institute
Angela DeSouza
Animal Shelter Jamaica
Arielle Grace Quattro
Art & (the late) Sue Rochlin
Briget & Doug Shields
Carol Lahde
Denise & George Tucker
Dermot Hussey
Elliott Shields
Errol Lam
Eva & Gary Walko
Fran Chin
Heather Cameron
Helen Swyjk
Jerry & Adam Buechler
JoAnn & Casey Colucci
Leah Cameron
Lee Abel
Lloyd Mattis
Maureen Sheridan
Michael Watson
Michael Sam Drakulich
Ryan MacMichael
Tanya & Patrick Williams
Tasha Wagener
VP Records/Randy Chin
Xavier Murphy

If you would like to become a Founding Member and contribute to the realization of the Archive and to the preservation of its historic content, you may donate any amount you choose at the Reggae Report PayPal account. Give thanks!

Support the Reggae Report Archive! Since 1981!
Help preserve Reggae history!

Each new member will receive a Founding Member Certificate with the date and year you contributed to the Archive… then watch us grow!  Be part of Reggae history!

One Love  One Aim!
M. Peggy Quattro
Publisher & Founder

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