Damian Marley & Nas – Distant Relatives

Damian Marley and Nas

Distant Relatives Tour – Giving Hope and Help
By M. Peggy Quattro
Photo by Alex Markow
Miami, FL – Two brothers by different mothers, Damian Marley and Nas have set the summer concert season on fire. The Distant Relatives tour, touted by its stars as a family affair, is getting rave reviews while the dynamic duos CD by-the-same-name is charting worldwide.

Damian Marley and Nas in Pompano Beach, FL

The Distant Relatives CD debuted in May 2010 at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling a reported 57,000 copies its first week. Reviews have labeled the lyrics inspiring and its production convincing. The CD also shot onto to Billboards Rap, Digital Album, R&B/Hip-Hop, and Reggae charts, where it sits at #1 today. The joint venture, two years in production, was produced by brothers Damian and Stephen Marley, with Stephen leading the way and leaving his indelible mark throughout the 13-track CD. A bonus iTunes track, featuring Reggae’s Junior Reid, is an added treat. Several singles have topped the iTunes and UK Singles Charts, and the song Strong Will Continue, is featured on the 2010 FIFA World Cup video game.
Distant Relatives CD

Musicians, playing on live instruments, include the Marleys long-time riddim team of Chris Meredith on bass and Squidly Cole on drums. Shia Coore, son of Third World guitarist Cat Coore, is featured on the CD as well as touring as bassist, and Reggae veteran Paul Fakourie is featured on keyboards. Continue reading

Gyptian Live! in LA

Gyptian at Jamaica Live @Club Cabana!

Words and Photo by Jan Salzman

Hollywood, CA – July 29, 2010 – The line to get into Club Cabana was a block long. I had never seen this before for a Jamaica Live performance from any artist. Obviously, Gyptian’s hit single “Hold Yuh” was making its way onto the radio playlists and the public was responding. Luckily, I ran into the Jamaica Live publicist, Russell Gerlach, and was escorted through the crowd into the stage room. Give thanks! I would never have gotten a good spot for photos otherwise.

Gyptian Live! in LA Photo Jan Salzman

Gyptian took to the stage around 1:00 a.m. to the screams of scantily clad girls who were jammed against the stage. The girls had their sexiest moves on as they reached out to touch the young, popular star. He was sporting a new hair style with his locks tightly braided in rows to the nape of his neck. Continue reading

Tribute to Lucky Dube

In Tribute to a Legend – Lucky Philip Dube – Aug. 3 1964 – Oct. 18 2007

This article first appeared in Reggae Report, V11#6 1993

Lucky Dube… A Natural Man

By M. Peggy Quattro

Few individuals are naturally blessed with the predestined qualities of talent, wit, and a confident disposition. One such fortunate recipient is 29-year-old Lucky Dube, the remarkable South African singer/songwriter, who is presently dispensing his own musical blessings around the globe.

Lucky Dube Sunsplash 1992 by Lee Abel

You are among the unlucky if you missed Lucky Dube and his mega band, Slaves, on their recent two month tour of the USA. The incredible show, which highlights Lucky’s dynamic vocals, capable of soaring three octaves, Zulu dancing from Dube, the sonorous back-up singers and stinging brass section, and infectious authentic African-Reggae rhythms, was presented in 35 cities, with venues ranging from small nightclubs to major summer festivals. Included was a free show held on a beautiful July day at Brooklyn’s Metro Tech Commons, sponsored by the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The moving response to the group’s performance was indicative of the overall reaction received wherever this talented troupe of performers set down. At the end of August, the tour moves on to Europe where they will be opening act in a series of shows for international pop star Peter Gabriel. A two-week break in their hometown of Johannesburg is followed by a concert in Capetown, then off to finish the year in Australia, New Caledonia, Japan, and France.

Considered a superstar in South Africa, Dube, who neither smokes nor drinks, modestly credits his fans for this stardom. Continue reading