Benaiah @ Ft. Lauderdale Jerk Fest

BENAIAH Delivers Roots Rock Reggae

Inside the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival
Words and photos by M. Peggy Quattro

Joseph Benaiah

The 8th annual Jerk Fest was a major success, rammed with more than 15,000 South Florida fans and 60 food, art and crafts, and corporate booths. The weather was perfect and Markham Park, a beautiful spacious park in west Broward County, was overflowing with family fun, food, and live music.

The fest began at 10 a.m. and the music kicked off around 5PM. The Benaiah Band backed the opening acts, which included LG and Ambilique, before veteran musician, performer and producer Dean Fraser thrilled the crowd with his stellar tenor and soprano sax talents on such standards as “I Believe in You and Me” and “Dance with My Father Again.” Continue reading