QCreative Services & Fees

Services: Writing/Editing, Promotion, PR, Social Media/Marketing, Consultation

Writing Fees:
A)   Press Release – $200 =  1 pg. single-spaced  / $100 = 2nd pg.
B)   Bios – $175 = 1 pg. single-spaced  / $100 = 2nd pg.
            (A & B = Research, writing, editing, 1 photo, 1-2 revisions/edits)
C)   Album/EP Review$150
D)   Single Review$60
            (C & D = Listening, writing, editing, 1 photo, 1-2 revisions/edits)
E)    Liner Notes – Rate upon request
F)    Editing $40 p/hour or more depending on involvement
G)   Proofreading$25 p/hour

Social Media/Marketing:   (Fees depend on action, time and involvement)
A)   Use Reggae Report platforms: RR Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
          a) SM Posts with links, photos, videos, news
          b) Shares to audience Facebook groups/pages
          c) Tweets with links, videos, photos, news
          d) Add release, story, or Bio to RR.com
B)    Manage client social media
C)   Traditional Media Consultation & Marketing
D)   Email marketing to SehWah?! newsletter subscribers
          a) Special announcements – Fee upon request

Consulting: (Fee upon request)
A)   Social Media & Marketing Strategy & Planning
B)   Promoter Relations
C)   Media Relations
D)   Image/Branding
E)   Media Interviews & Public Speaking
F)   Press Kit
G) Content Marketing/Strategy

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