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#Club Quarantine Sale! To Encourage fans to Educate themselves on Reggae History, the Magazine Bundles are on Sale! From the Reggae Report Archive! Here’s the best of the best – the legends, pioneers, singers, women, bands, groups, and  Dancehall & International acts that lit the world on fyah in the 80s & 90s – Reggae’s Global Era!

Each bundle contains multiple magazines that feature an artist on the cover, and where inside you’ll discover interviews, reviews,  photos, discographies, & more. Bonus magazines are included where the featured artists are reviewed or interviewed! A Reggae collector’s must-have!

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  • Bob Marley Tribute Issues Bundle - Gift with Purchase!


    Save 20%

    The Bob Marley Tribute Bundle contains 6 special issues between 1988 - 1997.  Each magazine contains a feature on the legend - an interview; a story; an interview with a son, friend, colleague, or family member; and lots of amazing photos & fun facts. Some contain Bob's discography, or a book or album review.  Free shipping USA only. International, see below.

  • Dancehall Bundle - Now on Sale!


    Save 20%

    The Dancehall Bundle contains six (6) Dancehall Rules! issues. Each magazine contains features on such Dancehall legends as Buju, Shabba, Capleton, Tiger, Bounty, Yellowman, Cobra, Cutty, Ninja Man, Shinehead, Papa San, Tony Rebel, Steely & Clevie, Super Cat, Chakadmus & Pliers, & more!  Read the interviews, stories, Top 10 charts, and learn the history and roots of Dancehall! Free shipping USA only. International, see below.

  • Peter Tosh Tribute Bundle - Now on Sale!


    Save 20%

    The Peter Tosh Tribute Bundle contains eight (8) magazines. Three (3) of them feature Peter on the cover, one covers the tragic murder that claimed Peter's life. The remaining five (5) contain articles and photos that report further on the murder, his funeral, up-close-and-personal interviews with Peter during the 80s, interviews with his son Andrew and bandmates Santa Davis & Donald Kinsey, a review of his Red X documentary, a report on his ganja arrest, a discography, and more! Free shipping USA only. International, see below.

  • Women in Reggae Bundle - Now on Sale!


    Save 31%

    The Women in Reggae Bundle contains 4 issues highlighting the women who paved the way in the 80s & 90s. Each magazine features such legends as Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Shelly Thunder, Sister Carol, JC Lodge, Puma Jones, Annette Brissett, Sonia Pottinger, Barbara Paige & more! Read the interviews, stories, & discover the history of these Reggae & Dancehall “Sistas & Dawtas"!

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