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Carlton “Carlie” Grant – Spragga Benz Son

Spragga Benz’s Son, Carlton Grant, Jr., Killed by Kingston Police

Article and Photo by Brittany Somerset

Sept. 5, 2008 Kingston, Jamaica – A source in Jamaica, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, spoke exclusively to Brittany Somerset about the tragic, untimely demise of 17-year-old Carlton “Carlie” Grant, Jr, son of Reggae veteran Spragga Benz, who was allegedly murdered by police in downtown Kingston, late in the evening on August 23, 2008.

It’s reported that at approximately 11:50 p.m., Carlie and a friend were leaving a video game rental store on the corner of Church and East Queen St. The friend begins, “Carlie was stopped on his bicycle while coming from the store with a teenage friend. Police stopped him and told him to get off his bike, and he obeyed. He identified himself. He said, ‘I’m Spragga Benz’s son.’ The police smirked as if in disbelief. They did not think Spragga’s son would be in the ghetto, but he was visiting family. The police fired one shot into the air, and told them to run. Carlie’s friend took off running. Carlie stayed where he was, with his hands in the air. One of the policemen whispered something to a second officer, and the officer then shot him at point blank range in the face. They executed him. All reports of Carlie having a gun, firing at police, or running, are completely false. Carlie stayed at the scene, and declared himself. After they shot him once in the face, and when he collapsed to the ground, he was shot a second time. This was murder.” Continue reading

Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain Opens

Rain Forest – Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain: Jamaica’s Newest Eco-Friendly Attraction

Words and Photos By M. Peggy Quattro

This way to Mystic Mountain

The opening of Mystic Mountain, the latest attraction to grace the Ocho Rios skyline, was slated for July 19, 2008 — rain or shine. And rain it did! From drizzle to downpour, the grand opening ceremony proceeded under a beautifully decorated white tent. Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett, Rain Forest CEO Johan van der Goltz, and Mystic Mountain Managing Director Mike Drakulich welcomed the hundreds in attendance with the reminder that this was, well, a rainforest! Director of Tourism Basil Smith and Director General Carrole Guntley, as well as members of Jamaica’s original bobsled team, were among the friends, family, and press who donned the supplied rain slickers and umbrellas to ride the Sky Explorer from its coastline base to over 700 feet above sea level at the peak of Mystic Mountain. Barbara Lulich, Mystic Mountain marketing consultant, and Norma Clarke adeptly coordinated this delightful history-making event.

View of Bobsled and Ocho Rios

Six years ago, when creator Mike Drakulich dreamed of a bobsled ride through the rainforest adjacent to Dunn’s River Falls, many thought he was crazy. Continue reading

Junior Reid on Buju Fight Rumors 2008

Reid Denies Fight with Banton

by Kevin Jackson (reprinted from

Junior Reid denies a fist fight with Buju Banton…..and tells his side of what really happened in Miami

Jr. Reid w/Alicia Keys – photo Kevork Djansezian (AP)

June 5, 2008 – Jamaican reggae artiste Junior Reid has denied media reports that he and Buju Banton were involved in a fist-throwing altercation backstage during the Best of the Best show at the Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami in late May.

He told one876entertainment that the whole situation stemmed from an incident in which Buju Banton maligned his name in front of Reid’s 13 year-old daughter, Destiny.

“I was there holding a vibe for the show and my daughter and her friends went over to Buju Banton because she is a big fan of Buju. She introduced herself as Junior Reid’s daughter, and Buju said, ‘who Junior Greed?’ My daughter was very embarrassed, and she asked me, ‘daddy, what you and Buju Banton have?’  I told her ‘no worry yourself, him no approach me to my face in that way’,” he explained. Continue reading

Sisters to Sisters Mediathon 2008

Sisters to Sisters TV Mediathon

Raises JA$6.5 Million Dollars for Jamaica’s Young Women
by A. Frischauer-Bernard

Sunday, April 13, was a day of shared joy and pain, a celebration of lives and achievements, the ability to endure abuse and suffering, and to overcome through strength and determination. But most of all, it was about Sisterhood. The CPTC’s (Creative Production & Training Centre) studios were host to a live ‘Mediathon’ entitled “Sisters to Sisters,” under the International Women’s Day theme, “Financing for Gender Equality.”

Marcia Griffiths and Lady G Performed Together

Sponsored by the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports (MICYS), the objective was to raise JA$10 million for the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation and the establishment of a shelter being built by the Bureau for Women’s Affairs for battered women. Continue reading

Buju Banton Speaks Out 2008

A Few Words From Gargamel Himself – Buju Banton Speaks Out…

May 12, 2008 – Kingston, Jamaica
Greetings, good people of the earth! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love and support over the years and for your continued support in the future.

By now most have already heard about the separation between myself and Penthouse Music Group. Let me assure you that it was one of mutual understanding, and that I sincerely wish Mr. Donovan Germain all the best. With much respect, I say to Mr. Germain, thank you for the many years of service and for the eye-opening experience.

To the haters, hate on. To the well-wishers, we will be victorious because JAH LIVE. As for me personally, I am fine. Glad I now have the medium to communicate to my fans and friends all over the world. Continue reading

Tribute to Mother B – A Life Abundant with Love

South Florida Sends Cedella Marley Booker Home:

A Loving Tribute in Word, Song, and Dance

By M. Peggy Quattro

April 23, 2008, Miami, FL –
One week following Mother B’s journey to Zion, hundreds in the South Florida community joined hands and hearts at a memorial service inside Miami’s beautiful Garden House at Fairchild Tropical Garden. The lush botanical garden is only minutes from Ms. B’s home, a large residence on a sprawling estate. In the late ‘70s, son Bob Marley bought the home in Pincecrest for her, and it is where Ms. B lived a life surrounded by her children, grand and great-grandchildren, and the home where, on April 8, she passed on in her sleep, surrounded by her loving family.

The Booker/Marley family, in paying tribute to their matriarch, also paid tribute to her devoted friends and fans when they presented an exquisite memorial service that honored the “smiling woman of song.” The setting was amazing and beautiful, from the gorgeous green of the garden and tropical trees to the touches of Africa and Rastafari that adorned and decorated the intimate Garden House. The presentation was fit for a queen, and in South Florida’s eyes and hearts, that is exactly who Cedella Marley Booker will always remain. Continue reading

Mother Booker Goes Home to Zion

Mother B Goes Home to Zion

April 9, 2008  – It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Cedella Marley Booker, in the late evening hours of April 8, 2008, of natural causes. Bob Marley’s mother, affectionately known as Mother B, was 81 years old. The matriarch of the Marley clan was deeply loved by family, friends, and people around the world who never had the opportunity or blessing to meet her.

Mother B was a wise and strong woman, spiritually grounded in Rastafari. She was a talented singer who basked in the glory of seeing her talented children and grandchildren continue the legacy of her first-born son, Robert Nesta Marley. She filled our world with song, humor, and wisdom. May her spirit guide all those who love her, and those dedicated family members who stood by her, stood for her, and were at her side when she flew away, home to Zion. Joyously reunited with her sons Nesta and Anthony, Mother B’s laughter and wisdom will be sadly missed by those of us remaining in this world. Our condolences go to her son Richard Booker and wife, Sharien, and to daughter Claudette (Pearl) Livingston. Selah. Continue reading