3 New Caribbean Queens – Reigning Over the Musical Landscape

3 New Caribbean Queens 

I’d like to introduce three island beauties who are taking the musical landscape by storm:  Lila Iké (Jamaica,) Krisirie (Barbados,) and Rochelle Chedz (Trinidad.) All three are in their mid-20s and have been performing since the mid-2010’s. All are songwriters, musicians, and have their roots in a mix of Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, R&B, and Neo-Soul. While staying true to their Caribbean roots and culture, each possesses a distinct vocal styling all their own. Their goal is to bring messages of hope and comfort in a time of turmoil and instability. I trust you’ll find these three young women each deserving of the crown.   ~MPeggyQ

Lila Iké       

Jamaica’s contribution to the Caribbean triad of roots and neo-soul singers is Lila Iké (Lee-lah Eye-kay.) This 26-year-old talent is from the cool hills of Manchester, the same area as her favorite singer, Garnet Silk.

Lila IkéWriting from an early age, Lila pursued music full time after moving to Kingston in 2015. She performed in spots where young performers hope to get noticed, and in 2017 she was, by the popular singer Proteje, who recognized her potential and became her mentor and first producer. In 2019, Lile Iké was performing solo on stages across Europe, including at Rototom, the largest Reggae festival in the world.

Influenced by her mother’s broad swath of musical predilections, the young Alecia Grey (her birth name – Lila came later in Kingston), incorporates a variety of styles in her repertoire – from old school Reggae, to Dancehall/Rap, from Neo-Soul to Reggaeton. She composes captivating lyrics while playing guitar or electric piano. It all adds up to the natural feel of her personal stories and the messages she wishes to share. Her fans can feel her intent with her sensual yet strong and relatable delivery.

Lila Iké is proud to deliver the authentic Jamaican Reggae sound and vibes. But, in the style of Lauryn Hill and Sade, she will unapologetically bring the sultry soul that comes so naturally to her. Her debut album entitled My ExPerience was released this summer. Her free-spirit is demonstrated in her free-style approach to her range of songs. Each of the seven tracks tells her story, displays her versatility, and reflects her values as a young woman in today’s world.

Today, Lile Iké continues to write and celebrate and promote her friend Proteje’s latest LP, In Search of Lost Time, where she is featured on the track, “In Bloom.” We anticipate pure greatness from this Caribbean queen.

From her debut EP, her single “Forget Me” reaped nearly a million views in one month.  Watch below or Click for Lila Iké’s “Forget Me” Video On Our YouTube Channel

Lila Iké - Forget Me (Official Video)


Singer/songwriter Krisirie is a Barbados-born and raised shooting star. She grew up in Christ Church listening to Reggae – from Beres to Bob – but she sounds and looks more like Sade, another early influence and inspiration. And when she riffs into a jazzy, soulful, Reggae fusion, she is reminiscent of a young Diana King.

KrisirieKrisirie’s song writing keeps her grounded in her Caribbean roots. Since 2015, when her first single “Wind Blows” was released on SoundCloud and garnered 70,000 views in a matter of weeks, Krisirie’s star has been steadily on the rise. Her lyrics are more poetic, meaningful, and intentionally convey universal empowering messages.

Coming in as fresh as a Bajan breeze is her most recent single, “Return to Love,” released this summer to major acclaim. The song is a stirring, emotional plea for peace in our troubled world; asking the global question, “what are we doing about it?” To assist in answering that question was saxophonist and fellow Bajan, Arturo Tappin, who introduced Krisirie to Willie Stewart, former Third World drummer and producer. Stewart then brought in legendary Jamaican producer Handel Tucker, and the creative trio united to write and produce “Return to Love,” a simple yet powerful song featuring Krisirie’s haunting vocals and Tucker’s evocative piano.

“Krisirie comes with a fresh perspective,” says Tucker of the young artist, “she’s able to resonate globally.”We look forward to hearing more from this rising Caribbean queen.

Watch below or Click to watch Krisirie’s “Return to Love” Video On Our YouTube Channel

Krisirie - Return to Love (Official Video)

Rochelle Chedz       

The ever-evolving singer/songwriter Rochelle Chedz is born and based on the island of Trinidad. To embrace her Caribbean roots and to express her passion for its culture and music, she began writing her own material at 15 years old: “Putting pen to paper is my escape, my therapy, being able to transform all my emotions into a song is the most freeing feeling.”

rochelle chedzRochelle entered the popular TV show Digicel Rising Stars in 2013 where she sang her way to become a Top 6 finalist. This exposure throughout the Caribbean gave her the opportunity to showcase her beauty, style, and diction as a Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop vocalist.

Inspired by Eminem and Busta Rhymes, Hip-Hop was her first foray into recording. In 2014, this led to a long-time relationship with the popular Trini group Imij and Company, the foundation of live entertainment in Trinidad & Tobago. Bandleader Joey Ng Wai became her musical mentor and is a main producer of her music today.

“No Talking,” released in 2016, was her first attempt at singing, and her Nora Jones-style singing drove the song to become the most requested in T’nT that year. On a roll, she followed up with the Soca-infused “All That You Never Had,” the Soca/EDM/Pop song “Light,” and “Best of Me,” to name a few.

Since COVID, Rochelle has written and recorded 16+ songs while working with Joey and different producers in London, USA, and Scandinavia. The newest Rochelle Chedz single is expected to drop in October. Watch for more from this rising Caribbean queen.

Check her “All That You Never Had’ video here or  Watch her “All That You Never Had” Video Here

Rochelle Chedz - All That You Never Had

Honorary Mention:   Sevana       

Jamaica’s triple threat from Savanna-La-Mar (hence her name) is a super-hot rising star… as you will see in her super-hot juicy new video “Mango,” which has racked up more than a million views. Watch here or  Click to Watch “Mango” On Our YouTube Channel

Sevana - Mango (Official Video)