Half Pint: A Rising Reggae Star  V7#2 1989

Half Pint: A Rising Star

Introduced in V7#2 1989

Born on 11 November 1961, his mother called him London Andrew Roberts. Growing up, however, he was given the name Half Pint by a neighbor in his childhood community [of] Waterhouse in Kingston 11.

Half Pint’s career as a singer/songwriter began to take shape in 1983 when his smash hit single “Winsome” topped the charts in Jamaica. The next couple of years were to be the foundation years for Half Pint. During this time three albums were released – Moneyman Skank, Half Pint in Fine Style, and One in a Million [that] included hit singles like “Political Fiction,” “Mr. Landlord,” “Moneyman Skank,” and “Sally.”

By the end of 1985, Half Pint had firmly implanted himself in the minds of Reggae lovers throughout Jamaica, England, and the United States. His very strong lyrics, with their direct appeal to the vast majority of Jamaican ghetto youths, had identified him as an artiste for the people whose works were destined to last a long time.

The year 1986 brought about significant personal achievements for Half Pint, particularly on the international scene. In that year, Half Pint had his biggest hit single to date, a song entitled “Greetings” (To All Raggamuffins), which brought about what one might call the “Raggamuffin Craze” worldwide among Reggae music lovers.

In the latter half of 1986, Half Pint was featured in the Taxi Connection Tour of the United States and Europe, with Yellowman, Ini Kamoze, and Sly & Robbie and the Taxi gang, who provided the rhythm section for the hit “Greetings.” This tour played some 30 dates in the United States and visited such European countries as the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, West Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The tour also coincided with the release of the album Greetings produced by George Phang on the Powerhouse label.

In late 1986, Half Pint received very good news that his composition ”Winsome” was to be recorded by the world-famous rock group Rolling Stones. The song was re-titled “Too Rude” and released on the Rolling Stones 1987 album Dirty Works for CBS Records. At the end of 1986, Half Pint was to be voted Top Male Vocalist for that year in Jamaica.

In 1987, Half Pint scored another Number One hit single in the form of “Level The Vibes,” which was included on his last album released entitled Victory, distributed worldwide by RAS records.

1988 brought even more new things for Half Pint. He recorded a duet with the popular Japanese group Sandii and the Sunsetz, which is included on the group’s recent album released on the Toshiba EMI label. Half Pint has also had a recent introduction to the business of movies. His composition “Giving/Sharing” is used in the soundtrack to the MGM movie The Mighty Quinn, which was shot in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Half Pint, a very humble and unbelievably shy person, regards his favorite artistes to be Bob Marley and very good friend Ziggy.

The latest single released by Half Pint, “One Big Family,” calls on all Jamaican youths to live as one, and, as usual, is doing very well on the charts. By all appearances, the youthful Half Pint is headed for a continued rise in success and popularity in 1989.

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