Sean Kingston on Justin Beiber’s Tour

Sean Kingston – Featured on Justin Bieber’s My World Tour

Photo by Irwandy on Flickr
Sean Kingston took time to talk with the Miami Herald’s Michael Hamersly about touring with the young pop superstar:
Q: What can we expect [on tour]?
A: I have a 50-minute set, and it’s one of those deep celebration sets with a lot of energy and a lot of feel-good music, hands in the air, like a rock star just partying.
Q: You were born in Miami. What are some of your favorite hangouts?
A: South Beach is always nice, and the Grove. I like to go to Boca — Boca has a nice mall. I like to go to Muvico, the Hard Rock — I don’t gamble or nothing like that, but the clubs are pretty nice. Wherever they let me in is where I’m at.
Q: How grateful are you for your success?
A: It’s just a blessing. I’m very grateful, man. It’s kind of like one of those things where I’ve been dreaming of this all my life, and it’s finally opened up, that big break when I was 17. Now it’s just about keeping it up and staying relevant and continuing to make great music. 
Q: Were you surprised by how big “Beautiful Girls” got?
A: It wasn’t really that much of a surprise due to the fact that I kind of knew how great the song was. I just didn’t know it would pick up that fast.
Q: With “Whatcha Say,” did you guys know you had a big hit?
A: Yeah, with that, definitely, because of the sample and the production and the melody and where music was right now. I knew as soon as people heard that, they’d fall in love with it.
Q: How do you choose what songs to sample?
A: I’m really about doing stuff that’s never been done before. Nobody ever used the Ben E. King beat and chopped it up. Nobody ever used Led Zeppelin or those types of things, creating it and making it your own.

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