DubFest Brings Old and New Together

DubFest 2009 Highlights!  Lee “Scratch” Perry

Set to Deliver Spiritual Healing
By Tina Pace
Ranked in the top 100 of Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, Lee “Scratch” Perry considers himself a new being, anxious to spread the healing, spiritual energy of his music at DubFest, Sept. 5, in Hollywood, Florida.

At the ripe age of 73 years young, Scratch Perry’s outlook is fresher than ever. When asked how the youth will respond to his show, he replied, “people seek redemption through the show. They want spiritual healing, spiritual music.” Perry will be returning to his home country of Jamaica to “refresh and restart” himself. Perry’s passion for life and nature is evident in his songs and through his words. He warns not to curse from where you came or burn any bridges because, in the end, everything comes back full-circle.

Once a self-proclaimed cannibal, Scratch says, “I changed my being and returned to myself and from the animal race.” He accepts the spiritual blessings in his life and rejects the unnecessary material existence in his world, “Rock stone is my chair,” he claims, “silver and gold is nothing. God is nature and God punishes them that are filled with greed.”

Known for his eccentric behavior, this Reggae icon and originator of Dub is sure to leave a lasting impression on DebFest attendees!

Authority Zero – Brings Ska-Punk-Latin Blend
Set to bring their powerful stage presence to DubFest at Hollywood Circle, on Sept. 5, the foursome known for their exotic punk sounds, Authority Zero, is renowned for their high-octane live performances. “We try to put ourselves in the audience and give the show we’d like to see,” says the band’s lead singer Jason DeVore in a phone interview. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, the band uses the Spanish, Latin influence in their sounds, taking from a variety of cultural elements and blending the best of each. DubFest gives Authority Zero another great venue, complemented by a lineup of artists they are eager to see. “It’s gonna be a great day; chilled and laid back,” says DeVore. The band’s original bass player, Jeremy Wood, left the band three years ago and rejoined a month ago, just in time to perform alongside one of his favorite bands, Goldfinger, also performing at the festival.

Through their on-again, off-again band member trials, the group is stronger than ever and has been spending four days a week writing lyrics for their new album, scheduled to begin recording in December with hopes of a spring 2010 release, followed by a U.S. tour.

In the meantime, the band is remixing some of their favorite tunes for a release similar to the 2006 successful “Rhythm & Booze”, which offered listeners a live, reggae-like acoustic collection of their best hits. Look for their latest re-release to hit the market Mid-October.

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