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Lincoln “Sugar” Minott, pioneer Dancehall/Lover’s Rock singer with decades of hit songs recorded on more than 60 albums, is set to take the world by musical storm with the release of New Day, his latest CD on Stop, Look & Listen Records.

With 15 tracks that range from energetic to soulful, Sugar’s sweet voice and positive messages will take you back to a time when lyrics and melodies ruled the dancehall; when love songs were heartfelt and partying all night was the norm. Sugar Minott continues to be a prolific songwriter, adept at balancing the personal and socio-political messages intertwined consistently throughout his songs.

Recorded in the UK, the USA, and Jamaica, New Day is produced, arranged, and engineered by UK-based Roman Pryce of Kukumon Productions. Seven songs were voiced at Sugar’s legendary Kingston-based Black Roots Productions studio. Also lending to the authentic sound is celebrated engineer Stephen Stewart from Kingston’s renowned Harry J studio. The combined skills of Pryce and Stewart bring a fusion of reggae, soul, dancehall, and lover’s rock that will cause you to stop, look, listen, and dance!

Guest appearances from legends DJ Josey Wales, Ranking Trevor, guitarist Dwight Pinkney, pianist Charles Farquarson, and percussionists Bongo Herman and Scully, enhance the heartical feel. Sharon Martini and Nikii Davis provide supporting vocals, as well as Andrew Tosh, son of Peter Tosh. Rhythm guitarist Danny Pryce and acoustic guitarist Teja Bell round out this well-produced musical creation.

New Day begins with Josey Wales and Ranking Trevor, ‘inna combination stylee,’ introducing “Getting’ It On,” an upbeat old-school throwback to calling out “lawd a’mercy” with world famous DJs “workin’ it out.” Sugar lets listeners know that this dancehall is “fi real.” You will find the original reggae message of love, peace, and unity laced throughout this CD. On the meaningful, danceable “Reachin’ Out 2-U,” Sugar calls for the world to stop, listen, and face reality, as we “are still lookin’ for a solution.”

The sweet-sounding “One Life” continues with the positive. If you are looking for the Sugar of the ‘80s, you will find him on this bubbly tune that will certainly get your mind to think and your feet to dance. The rocking “Keep the Fire Burnin’” is Lover’s Roots, and his sultry voice, reminiscent of his good friend Dennis Brown, confirms that he is keeping the D Brown fire burning.

You will take a musical journey to the good ole days of rub-a-dub when you reach “Lover’s Rock.” This perfect groovin’ party song will have you ‘lover’s rockin’ all night long. On “Good Friends,” Sugar moves dancehall into the 21st century with a song full of percussion and musical arrangements that you can feel. Perhaps this is a personal thank you to his friends and fans who have stuck with the musical icon for nearly 40 years. “When you have a good friend/the love will never end.”

Legend Toots Hibbert and Sugar co-wrote the title song, “New Day.” As their distinct voices blend together — Toots adding the pepper to Sugar’s sweetness — the two forces call for a change – “things are the same/but it’s a new day.” “Need Love” is a soul-pop melody that showcases Sugar’s effortless, relaxed vocals, as well as Dwight Pinkney’s skanking guitar riffs, and lush expressive harmonies.

“Show Me a Sign” is a love story where Sugar is looking for love, and a sign that his woman feels the same. It is borderline pop, and with the perfect harmonies and solid bass and drum, Sugar sounds again like the late Dennis Brown. It was love at first sight, and “Regina,” a pop-fused love song, celebrates a love found, which turns Sugar’s life around and takes him from a “dream to reality.”

In the up-tempo “Stranger in Your Town,” Sugar declares, “I am here/looking for perfect spot/where the music is hot.” All about having fun and being carefree, Sugar offers a good time riddim that will have you up, enjoying “the music, the wine, and a little smoke” with the stranger in town.

“Oh Mamma” is an infectious, Brazilian-like groove that pays tribute to Africa and Mother Nature. Full of percussion, drums, and sweet harmony, Sugar pays tribute to Jah Jah and Rasta in words and rhythm that will leave you wanting more from Mr. Black Roots.

“Just Chill” displays the extraordinary range of Sugar Minott’s voice and talent. Singing with a deep, haunting tone, and beautifully supported with melodic harmonies, Sugar reminds us that his original sound “is still here” and they “never gonna hold us back.” On “I’ve Been Workin’,” Sugar declares that it is his time now. He goes on to remind us he has been working “so hard,” and for him, the work “will never end.”

The CD ends with “All I Need is Your Love,” a soul-roots love song with a sweet-as-sugar intro that will sing its way into your heart. Whether it is for the world or a special someone, Sugar croons that there is no need for “fancy clothes or big expensive car — just be yourself” and in return, Sugar will forever shower you with his sweetness.
~Irie Dawta

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