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Steel Pulse DVD

The timeless revolutionary sound of Steel Pulse lives on in this well-produced DVD. Door of No Return is a documentary that includes footage of many of their shows, backstage clips, and on the road perspectives. This DVD provides the entire Steel Pulse experience, and the 5.1 Surround Sound provides a realistic concert experience.

Drawing on his experiences in Senegal, December 1999, for an Amnesty International Human Rights Festival, David Hinds brought the memory of being on African soil with him to his subsequent US tour. In prepping for the album to follow, he especially remembered the door of the slave house on Gory Island where the ancestors departed – the Door of No Return.

The definitive road trip, this DVD offers perspectives from all the members of the group, as well as the great music of Steel Pulse, and really immerses the viewer in their music and message. Nothing Steel Pulse does is accidental, and everywhere they go they move people to fight for freedom. It is what they believe in, what they stand for, and what they do best.

Called by many, “one of the greatest Reggae bands ever,” the Grammy-winning Pulse brings forward in this production all sides of the group. Featuring backstage footage of their concerts, travels in Senegal and America, as well as the group’s best known and little known songs, this DVD presents a seldom seen look at one of the most private Reggae singers, David Hinds. It shows how he and the group have affected history, and how this trip to Africa affected him. It also demonstrates their responsibility as performers and the spiritual energy that runs their Reggae machine.

Bonus features include The Live Section, with selections from “Ravers” – Live from Rio 1996 and “Back to My Roots” from the Doheny Music Festival 2002, as well as Steel Pulse tributes from some of Jamaica and New York’s best known Reggae artists, producers, radio DJ’s, and engineers.

Featuring some of their best live performances, this is, without a doubt, a must-have for any Reggae collector, giving the fan a definitive look at one of the world’s finest Reggae bands, Steel Pulse. Rally Round!
~Sista T

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